Peace Wire Mesh Works.was established in 1990 and it have been providing all kinds of wire mesh for other trading company for many years.Now,the works is developing day by day and it have started exporting itself.It We mainly porduce all kinds of stainless steel wire mesh,steel wire mesh,brass wire mesh,welded wire mesh,fiberglass wire mesh,window screen and so on.
PEACE WIRE MESH able to supply woven wire mesh / wire cloth.Mesh can be manufactured from almost any metal or alloy, choice of material depends on the customer application. The size of mesh can vary from a few microns to hundreds of microns. The mesh size and wire diameter can vary with the customer application.
PEACE WIRE MESH different from other trading company that we take advantage on quotation and can provide a good quality.


Peace Wire Mesh Works. is very successful in producing and distributing stainless steel wire mesh, brass wire mesh and phosphor bronze wire mesh products. We also provide cut and processed Wire Mesh Disc and other items.We also provide barbecue grill netting, galvanized square wire mesh, hexagonal wire netting, welded wire mesh and Window Screen products at good quality...